Discover the Best Ghanaian Universities Providing UK and US Degrees

You are in a very fortunate situation if you have hopes of earning a prestigious UK or US degree while living in Ghana. The top Ghanaian institutions that provide the chance to pursue degrees from the UK and the US will be thoroughly examined in the ensuing conversation. You will get priceless insights from this attempt, enabling you to make well-informed decisions.

Ghana’s Entry into Global Academic Pursuits

Before we explore the institutions, it is crucial to understand the benefits of choosing a UK or US degree program within the Ghanaian context, a choice that is wise for a number of compelling reasons:

1. Cost-Effectiveness: Choosing to study in Ghana while pursuing a degree from the UK or the US may often result in significant financial savings when compared to the costs involved with studying abroad.

2. Cultural continuity: By selecting this route, you have the benefit of keeping your own cultural milieu comfortable and familiar while still earning a highly esteemed academic diploma.

3. Simplified Logistics: By using this strategy, you may avoid the complications and difficulties associated with overseas travel and visa applications, making your educational journey more comfortable.

Leading Ghanaian Universities that Grant Degrees in the UK and the US

Find out about some of Ghana’s finest universities that provide options to get degrees from the UK and the US:

1. Ashesi University:

Known for its dedication to providing top-notch education, Ashesi University has built a reputable name for itself. Because of the high quality of their education, Ashesi graduates often find employment chances in several multinational organizations.

2. Webster University Ghana:

Webster University Ghana is a branch of the Webster University in the United States. In order to provide a worldwide educational experience, students may enroll in a wide variety of undergraduate programs here that follow a US curriculum.

3. Lancaster University Ghana:

Lancaster University Ghana provides a wide range of UK degree programs, all of which have been approved by the institution’s home university in the UK. Programs provide students a well-rounded education by including subjects like accounting, business studies, and computer science.

4. Ghana Communications Technology University (formerly GTUC):

To provide UK degrees, GCTU works with Staffordshire and Coventry programs in the UK. In order to start the process of earning a UK degree, students have the exceptional chance to apply and enroll in classes on their campus.

Characteristics That Set These Universities Apart

Each of these academic institutions has certain advantages that set them apart:

1. The Ashesi University

  • Known for emphasizing innovation, leadership, and ethics.
  • Praises its committed professors and varied student group.
  • develops close relationships with international organizations.

Distinguishing Features of These Universities

Each of these academic institutions possesses its own distinctive strengths:

2. Webster University Ghana:

  • A part of a global network of universities.
  • Offers a broad spectrum of programs in arts and sciences.
  • Places a significant emphasis on nurturing critical thinking skills.

3. Lancaster University Ghana:

  • Enjoys a robust reputation for research and academic excellence.
  • Fosters partnerships with industry leaders, facilitating real-world experience for students.
  • Demonstrates a steadfast commitment to preparing students for success in the global job market.

4. Ghana Communication Technology University:

  • Holds a strong reputation in the fields of IT and Engineering.
  • Provides an excellent environment for higher education.

Making Knowledgeable Choices for Your Future

The following considerations should be taken into account while selecting the best institution in Ghana to pursue your UK or US degree:

  1. Program Suitability: Confirm if the institution provides the particular program in line with your academic and professional goals.
  2. Accreditation: Confirm that the school and the program you have selected are both accredited, since this will guarantee the quality and respect of your education.
  3. Campus Life: To enhance your college experience, check out the campus amenities, accessible student groups, and extracurricular opportunities.
  4. Cost Savings: Consider the considerable cost benefit of continuing your education in Ghana as opposed to overseas.

Entry requirements

These institutions all accept the WASSCE and SSCE scores for admission. Additionally, applicants with O’Level and A’Level credentials are welcome to apply, expanding access to prospects for higher study.


For individuals who want to get US or UK degrees while staying inside its boundaries, Ghana offers an alluring option. Universities like Ashesi, Webster, Lancaster, and GCTU shine as examples of top-notch education and provide the hope of a successful future. Remember to do thorough study before making this crucial choice, visit campuses if the chance comes, and carefully balance your academic and personal goals.

With these prestigious alternatives, you are firmly on the route to academic success. Choosing the correct educational institution is crucial for starting your higher education adventure. I wish you well in your quest for knowledge and success in your academic activities!

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