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From Galamsey to Greatness: GNPC Grants Scholarship to Brilliant Galamsey Boy With 5As In WASSCE


In a heartwarming turn of events, a young Ghanaian student’s dreams of pursuing higher education have been reignited after facing financial challenges that led him to engage in illegal mining.

Stephen Koomson, a remarkable 21-year-old with an impressive academic record, recently received a life-changing opportunity through the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC).

With the GNPC’s generous scholarship, Stephen will be able to study law at the esteemed University of Ghana.

This inspiring story showcases the power of education and the impact organizations can have on transforming lives.

Photo credit: @GNPCGhana Source: Twitter

A Galamsey Boy’s Brilliance Shines Through

In the humble town of Mpohor, Stephen Koomson, a promising student from Mpohor Senior High School, achieved extraordinary academic success.

Despite facing financial constraints, he managed to secure an outstanding performance in the 2021 West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE), scoring an impressive 5As and 3Bs.

Stephen’s exceptional results were a testament to his unwavering dedication and intellectual capabilities, marking him as a true academic prodigy.

Financial Challenges Drive an Unexpected Path

However, despite his remarkable achievements, Stephen’s dreams of furthering his education were abruptly halted due to financial constraints.

Unable to afford the cost of university tuition, he found himself reluctantly drawn into the world of illegal mining, known locally as “galamsey.”

This drastic measure was a desperate attempt to overcome the financial obstacles that stood between him and his ambitions.

Stephen’s predicament is a stark reminder of the barriers many talented individuals face when pursuing higher education.

The GNPC Foundation Steps In

Recognizing the exceptional potential in Stephen’s academic prowess, the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) Foundation intervened to transform his circumstances.

The executive director of the GNPC Foundation, Dr. Dominic Eduah, expressed his deep concern for Stephen’s situation, describing it as an “unfortunate and deserving immediate attention.”

The foundation swiftly offered Stephen a comprehensive scholarship to study law at the prestigious University of Ghana, demonstrating their commitment to education and empowerment.

Rebuilding Dreams and Inspiring Hope

The news of Stephen’s scholarship ignited a wave of optimism and hope within the community.

The GNPC’s decision to invest in Stephen’s future not only offered him a second chance at realizing his dreams but also served as a powerful symbol of resilience and determination.

Stephen’s story serves as an inspiration to countless individuals who find themselves at a crossroads, facing adversity but refusing to succumb to its weight.

A Bright Future Awaits

With the GNPC’s unwavering support, Stephen is now on the path to achieving his childhood dream of becoming a lawyer.

The foundation’s collaborative efforts with various stakeholders aim to secure Stephen’s admission to the University of Ghana Law School in the upcoming academic year.

Grateful for this life-changing opportunity, Stephen expressed his heartfelt appreciation to the GNPC, promising to dedicate himself to his studies and ensure his aspirations become a reality.


Stephen Koomson’s journey from galamsey to greatness exemplifies the transformative power of education and the profound impact of collective action.

Through the GNPC’s scholarship, a young scholar’s future has been resurrected, inspiring generations to come.

Stephen’s story serves as a reminder that, with the right support and opportunities, individuals can transcend the most challenging circumstances and achieve their full potential.

As we celebrate this remarkable milestone, may it serve as a catalyst for more organizations and individuals to invest in the dreams of deserving students, nurturing a brighter and more inclusive future for all.

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