How to Become an Architect in Ghana: A Step-by-Step Roadmap – 2023

We’re glad you’re here as we guide you along the way to fulfilling your ambition of studying architecture in Ghana. This thorough manual will act as your compass as it directs you through the complex procedures and educational avenues necessary to influence the future of our built environment. We will go in-depth on the key procedures, educational options, and professional affiliations that will set you up for a fulfilling future in architecture.

Understanding the Architecture’s Purpose

It is crucial to understand the underlying core of architecture before moving on to the details. It goes beyond only building design; it also entails creating areas that improve the quality of our lives. The Architectural Association of Ghana is a great resource to learn more about this beautiful profession.

The Roadmap for Becoming an Architect in Ghana

You must pass your WASSCE exams and then enroll in a university program with a focus on architecture in order to start your road toward becoming an architect in Ghana. Normally, this educational path takes four years. After you graduate, you’ll have the chance to dive right into the field, claim your spot in the Ghana Institute of Architects (GIA), and progress professionally from there.

During SHS, laying the groundwork

It is crucial to lay a strong educational foundation throughout your senior high school (SHS) years as you embark on your journey to become an architect. Focus on picking the right courses that will prepare you for your future studies in architecture if you want to accomplish this.

SHS Courses that are Highly Recommended

  1. Core Mathematics: To pursue architectural studies, one must possess a solid mathematical foundation.
  2. Integrated Science: It will be beneficial to excel in the sciences, with a focus on physics and chemistry in particular.
  3. Technical Drawing: This topic introduces the underlying ideas of architecture.
  4. ICT: Having a strong understanding of information and communication technology will provide you the skills you need to succeed.

Kindly note: Please be aware that you must have grades of at least A1 to C6 in three core topics and three optional subjects in your WASSCE results in order to apply to a university program related to architecture.

How to Choose the Best University Program

The next step is to enroll in a respected university program after finishing your SHS degree. The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology’s (KNUST) School of Architecture and Planning is famous across Ghana for its outstanding architecture program.

Bachelor of Architecture (BArch) Program

A thorough five-year Bachelor of Architecture (BArch) degree is available from KNUST. You will graduate from this demanding course with the expertise you need to flourish in your chosen career. Furthermore, internships will provide you the chance to get real-world experience.

Pursuing a Master’s in Architecture (MArch)

Link: University of Ghana – MArch Programme

Consider getting a Master’s in Architecture (MArch) if you want to advance in your architectural profession after earning your BArch. A competitive MArch program is available from the University of Ghana that may help you improve your skills and broaden your employment options.

How to Get Professional Status in Ghana

It is necessary to register with the Ghana Institute of Architects (GIA) in order to work as a licensed architect in Ghana. This action is essential for gaining professional recognition and getting access to chances in the field.

Getting Real-World Experience

Strive to get real-world experience throughout your academic career by participating in internships or apprenticeships with reputable architects or architectural businesses. Exposure to the real world is essential for developing your knowledge and portfolio.

Continuous Education

Architecture is a discipline that constantly changes. Keep up with the most recent design fads, materials, and innovations. Attend workshops, seminars, and conferences to network with others in the field and get knowledge from thought leaders.


The journey to become an architect in Ghana is a rewarding one that demands unrelenting commitment and a solid educational foundation. Start by picking the right subjects for your SHS years, then enrol in a respected university program, think about getting a master’s degree, and register with the Ghana Institute of Architects. Keep in mind that throughout this thrilling trip, practical experience and ongoing learning will be your staunch allies.

Remember that architecture is more than just the act of making things; it also entails influencing the destiny of our communities and leaving a lasting impression. Accept this honorable profession and set out on a journey of invention, creativity, and brilliance. Your dreams of becoming an architect are totally attainable!

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