About Us

Welcome to High Schools Vibes – Where Stories of High Schoolers Find Their Voice

Our Mission and Impact:

High Schools Vibes is a non-profit organization with a profound commitment to amplifying the authentic stories of high school students, offering unwavering support in various forms, and inspiring the next generation of young minds to thrive.

Our journey began in May 2022, fueled solely by our passion and the incredible support of our community. We’re proud to have fostered a dynamic online presence, particularly on our Instagram platform, where our community of over 60,000 engaged followers is a testament to the resonance of our mission. Despite our substantial online presence, we’ve made not even a penny from our initiative. Every follower, every story shared, and every support offered is a testament to the genuine need for the work we do.

Empowering High Schoolers Through Stories:

At High Schools Vibes, we believe that every high school student has a unique and valuable story to share. Our platform serves as a safe space for these young minds to express themselves, seek guidance, and find inspiration. We offer mentorship, valuable resources, and opportunities to reduce the sense of isolation and anxiety often experienced during the high school years.

Our Commitment to Sustainability:

Just like MPB, we are dedicated to sustainability. By participating in this collaboration, we contribute to the reduction of electronic waste and promote a more sustainable future.

Get Involved:

High Schools Vibes is more than just a platform; it’s a community of change-makers and storytellers. If you share our passion for empowering high school students, consider getting involved. Whether you’re a high schooler looking to share your story or a like-minded organization interested in collaborating, we welcome your support.

Connect with Us:

Join us on our mission by following us on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok and stay updated on our latest stories, events, and collaborations.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. Together, we can empower the next generation of visual storytellers.