How to Prepare and Study for NOVDEC Exam – A Proven Guide to Success

Approaching the NOVDEC examination with proper preparation is essential due to its deceptively challenging nature. For many individuals, this exam serves as a major opportunity to improve their grades, which is crucial for university admission or applications to tertiary programs. In this blog post, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide to help you excel in studying and preparing for this formidable examination.

To emphasize the significance of the NOVDEC examination, we can refer to the 2021 WASSCE results published by WAEC. Shockingly, 54.89% of candidates scored below a C6 in Mathematics alone. This outcome effectively prevents them from gaining university entry, as Mathematics is a prerequisite for almost every program. The NOVDEC examination, however, provides a second chance for these individuals.

How to Excel in Studying and Preparing for NOVDEC:

  1. Time Management: The cornerstone of effective preparation is meticulous time management. Develop a comprehensive timetable and make a conscious effort to adhere to it. As you gear up for the exam, it’s essential to cut down on social activities, phone calls, social media, and the time spent online, unless it directly contributes to your progress.
  2. Know Your Weakness: Begin your preparation by identifying your weaknesses within the specific subject you’ll be writing. Create a list of topics that you struggle with, and prioritize studying them first.
  3. Seek Help: Don’t hesitate to find a tutor who can assist you in comprehending the topics you find challenging. This tutor should possess substantial knowledge in the subjects and topics you’re grappling with to expedite your learning process.
  4. Solve Past Questions: Familiarize yourself with the examination’s past questions to track question patterns over the years. While it’s ideal to study comprehensively, the time constraint before NOVDEC necessitates that you focus more on solving past questions to master facing such papers.
  5. Form a Study Group: Connecting with others who are also writing the same subjects can help you stay focused. Within your study group, you can share new topics, past questions, and sample questions. To save on tutoring expenses, consider pooling resources to hire one tutor collectively.
  6. Time Management: Given the limited time available before the examination, a well-structured timetable is indispensable. It will help you maximize your productivity without the risk of burnout.

How Much Time Should You Allocate for Studying for NOVDEC?

It is recommended to set aside six months for studying and getting ready for NOVDEC. If you are planning to write more than three papers, it may be beneficial to extend this timeframe and consider seeking the guidance of a tutor who can provide support and quizzes throughout your preparation.

Why is the NOVDEC Examination Important?

The NOVDEC examination plays a significant role because it gives students who did not perform well in the WASSCE (West African Senior School Certificate Examination) a second opportunity to achieve higher grades, thus making them eligible for further education. Many individuals who have experienced this process and have obtained improved grades are either currently pursuing higher education or are already part of the workforce.

If You Failed Only in Mathematics, Should You Enroll for NOVDEC?

If you failed in Mathematics, it’s extremely suggested to enrol for NOVDEC. In Ghana, most colleges demand a least of A1 to C6 in Mathematics for eligibility in practically any program.

Are NOVDEC Invigilators Wicked?

NOVDEC invigilators may come out as severe or unpleasant, especially because they are unfamiliar with the applicants. This varies from the WASSCE test, when instructors who have been with you throughout your senior high school years often work as invigilators. While NOVDEC invigilators may appear tough, it’s vital to realize that their duty is to protect the integrity of the examination process, rather than being fundamentally “wicked.”

In conclusion, success in the NOVDEC test relies on your devotion, rigorous preparation, and excellent time management. This handbook serves as a helpful resource to assist you negotiate the obstacles of this major test and obtain the marks essential for your educational and professional objectives.

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