WAEC Releases 2023 BECE Results: How To Check and Calculate BECE Result

The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) has unveiled the provisional results for the 2023 Basic Education Certificate Examinations (BECE).

WAEC reported that school candidates’ results will be sent to their respective schools through the Metropolitan/Municipal/District Directors of Education. Private Candidates can access their results on the Council’s website, www.waecgh.org.

In a press release dated November 9, 2023, Mr. John Kapi, Head of Public Affairs at WAEC, stated that school candidates who prefer it may also view their results online on the Council’s website.

Here’s a breakdown of the statistics:

  • A total of 600,900 candidates participated, with 300,404 males and 300,496 females from 18,993 schools.
  • The exam took place at 2,137 centers nationwide, with 3,366 candidates absent.
  • The BECE for Private Candidates had 1,839 entrants, with 61 absentees.

Concerning examination malpractices, the Final Awards and Examiners’ Appointment Committee for BECE made the following decisions after investigating irregularities:

  1. Cancellation of Subject Results for 312 school candidates and 3 private candidates for bringing unauthorized materials into the exam hall or collusion.
  2. Cancellation of Entire Results for 41 school candidates and 1 private candidate for possessing mobile phones in the exam hall.
  3. Withholding of Subject Results for 180 school candidates and 4 private candidates for various suspected offences.
  4. Withholding of Entire Results for 110 school candidates and 2 private candidates for various suspected offences.

Additionally, scripts of 22,270 candidates are under scrutiny for reported mass cheating, and results may be canceled or released based on investigations.

WAEC cautions against fraudulent claims of result upgrades for a fee, emphasizing the security and authenticity of their results.

In conclusion, WAEC expresses gratitude to stakeholders, including the Ministry of Education, Ghana Education Service, security agencies, heads of schools, supervisors, invigilators, examiners, and all who contributed to the successful conduct of the examination and result release.

How To Check BECE 2023 Results On Phone Via MTN Mobile Money

This essential tool can be obtained through the Ghana Post Service or seamlessly via Mobile Money.

Efficiently secure your 2023 BECE Results Checker through the following steps:

1. Quick and Primary Method:

  • Dial 800055# on your phone (accessible on all networks).
  • Opt for the BECE 2023 Results Checker.
  • Confirm the price and execute payment through Mobile Money.
  • Receive the result checker card via SMS, accompanied by instructions for result verification.

2. Purchasing through Mobile Money:

  • Dial the Mobile Money short code (*170#).
  • Select Momo Pay & Paybill.
  • Choose Pay bill, followed by General payment.
  • Respond to the prompts as directed, entering the Payment Code as “monicliq,” amounting to 16GHC (considering bulk pricing), and citing the reference as “WAEC.”
  • Provide your MTN Mobile Money pin to authorize the transaction.
  • Upon successful completion, your Results Checker will be dispatched via email and SMS.

How to Check your BECE 2023 Results after getting the Voucher

  1. Visit the online results-checking website using your phone or PC browser at https://eresults.waecgh.org/.
  2. Enter your Index Number.
  3. Select the Type of Examination (e.g., BECE).
  4. Choose your Examination Year (e.g., 2023).
  5. Input the Serial Number from the purchased Voucher.
  6. Enter the 12-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) on your Voucher.
  7. Confirm your Index Number and Examination Year for accuracy.
  8. Click on Submit and patiently await the display in the popup window, which may take several minutes.
  9. If all processes align successfully, your results will be presented, allowing you to proceed with result printing.

How to Calculate BECE Results for School Placement

The BECE exam holds significant importance in Ghana’s educational framework, influencing access to reputable senior high schools. To enhance both performance and confidence, familiarity with the WAEC grading system and the calculation process employed by the examination body is crucial.

Outlined below is a step-by-step guide on how to methodically calculate BECE results:

  1. Marking Process:
    • Utilize the marking scheme to distinguish correct and incorrect answers per subject.
    • Document the count of correct answers.
  2. Calculation Steps:
    • Determine the ratio of correct answers to the total questions.
    • Express the ratio as a decimal or fraction.
    • Multiply the result by 100% to derive the percentage (per individual subject).
  3. Grading Procedure:
    • Refer to the grading table, established through either the stanine method or the new flexible 9-scale criterion-referenced grading system.
    • Match your raw score percentage (e.g., 60%) to the corresponding grade on the chart.

BECE Marks and Grades with Interpretation:

  • 90 – 100: GRADE AA+ (1) – The highest grade.
  • 80 – 89: GRADE A (2) – Designated as HIGHER.
  • 70 – 79: GRADE B+ (3) – Described as HIGH.
  • 60 – 69: GRADE B (4) – Termed HIGH AVERAGE.
  • 55 – 60: GRADE C+ (5) – Classified as AVERAGE.
  • 50 – 54: GRADE C (6) – Designated as LOW AVERAGE.
  • 40 – 49: GRADE D+ (7) – Categorized as LOW.
  • 35 – 39: GRADE E (8) – Labeled as LOWER in the Stanine grading system.
  • 0 – 34: GRADE F (9) – The LOWEST grade.

Calculation of BECE Results:

  • Based on the results of the 6 best subjects, including mandatory core subjects (Maths, English, Inter-Science, and Social).
  • Core subjects, specifically Maths and English, are essential for the calculation.
  • Candidates can choose between science and social for the calculation.

Example Calculation: Assuming a student’s results are as follows:

  • English Language: 1 (HIGHEST)
  • Social Studies: 2 (HIGHER)
  • Rel. & Moral Educ.: 3 (HIGH)
  • Mathematics: 1 (HIGHEST)
  • Integrated Science: 2 (HIGHER)
  • Info. & Comm. Tech.: 1 (HIGHEST)
  • French: 2 (HIGHER)
  • B.D.T./Home Econs.: 2 (HIGHER)

To obtain the grade, consider the first best core (English, Mathematics, and Integrated Science): 1+1+2 = 4. For the 3 best elective subjects (Info. & Comm. Tech, B.D.T, and French): 1+2+2 = 5. Therefore, the candidate has an aggregate of 9.

A higher BECE grade enhances the likelihood of securing placement in the preferred school, facilitated by the Computerized School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS) administered by the GES.

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